Hi, I’m Talitha!  [Ta-lee-tha]


Thank you for showing interest in my work! While I have you here, I’d love to tell you more about myself: where I’ve been, where I’m going, and what inspires my art.


If you’re a nickname person, feel free to call me “T” for short—many of my clients do! I suppose I have my mom to thank not only for my name, but also for my love of art. As a child I would sit and draw for hours, and my mom would tell me, “You’re an artist!” She really believed I was. I’ve always felt so too.


I’ve been a working Fine Artist on the West Coast for nearly two decades, having recently moved to Montana. Over the years, my artwork has been featured in several downtown studios, and I’ve enjoyed creating custom pieces and large murals for various clients. I am so grateful to have had these experiences in my career, which have both expanded my skillset as an artist and deepened my joy for creating. 


As wonderful as these experiences were, nothing could quite prepare me for my greatest venture—motherhood! Gallery art and commissioned work were set aside to welcome my two beautiful children. As all mothers know, becoming a mother has been an identity change of sorts —a kind of blossoming— the traces of which are displayed in the brightness of my recent work, inspired by the newness of self and of the becoming of us. 


As my heart and family grew, so did my eye for capturing people, and my passions naturally expanded into the world of photography.  


It’s a challenge to contain my excitement for photography, and I don’t usually try! Not only do I offer individual and family portraits as well as branding sessions, but I also have a heart for non-profit work and am passionate about using portraiture as a way to draw attention to the importance and needs of the farming community.


My background in fine arts has a definite influence on the way I see through the camera lens. I’m committed to making stunning art for you, of you, and to putting it on your walls. My number one rule? Forget the stand-and-smile! Relax, have fun, and let’s laugh together. I use light and movement to capture ordinary moments and to make you see them how I see them—simply beautiful, perfectly you. 


Something I’ve come to realize is that life is never in the way of art; life is art. My art has been a steadying presence in the ebb and flow of life as I’ve faced hard things and grief strong enough to quiet the soul. My faith in God, the love of my family, and the support of my community continually inspires me to pour myself into others, especially into my children, and to let love be my legacy.


As life moves me forward and seasons shift, I’m finding that I’m eager to pursue other forms of artistic expression. My most recent artistic venture has been surface pattern design (fabrics, wallpapers), and I’m thrilled to explore the opportunities this art will bring!


You can check out my latest artwork with surface pattern designs here www.instagram.com/threegrainsart or find my photography at www.instagram.com/threegrainsphotograph 
I’ll get that art on your wall, one way or another ;)


Thanks for getting to know me a bit! I’d love to get to know you and find out how I can best serve you and your family. If you have any questions, I’d love to connect with you on my contact form.